Are you building an Android or an iPhone?

  1. The Project Management Framework (what is Agile)
  2. Who we are, who they are, what we’re doing here today, and what we hope to get out of this workshop
  3. How we design our products (iPhone vs Android)
  4. Nomenclature
    Business Requirements (BRs): what they are & why they should care
    User Journeys: what they are & why they should really care
    Wireframes: why everything looks so ugly
    (customer) Business Owner Priorities vs (our) User Journey Priorities aka In which sequence we choose to build
  5. Updated Wireframes based on the previous Sprint feedback
  6. Feedback on Wireframes (where we ask the customer to look beyond the squiggly lines & green backgrounds)
  7. Next Sprint: BRs, Updated Wireframes, & Stakeholders involved
  1. The iPhone Approach (fan boys calm down — we actually mean the iOS approach)
  2. The Android Approach
Easy/Hard Simple/Complicated Android/iPhone Diagram
  1. The buttons to the side of the device
  2. The controls in the slide down/up menu of the device
  3. In app specific volume control
  4. The up and down volume buttons on my headphone cable (the side buttons broke last year)



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Ahmad AlShagraاحمد الشكرة

Ahmad AlShagraاحمد الشكرة


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